Support and Resources for Divorced Individuals in Bangladesh

Over the past 9 months we have spoken to 245 divorced men and women to find out why divorce happens. 72% of divorces are due to misunderstanding and disrespect for each other. And 18℅ divorce is due to extramarital affairs. 10% of divorces are due to high luxury of the wife. 78℅ divorced because of Women. 22℅ is men's fault.
Interestingly, 92% of divorced women regret the divorce saying they were wrong about the decision.
89℅ divorced women are never get married again. 04℅ girls are reluctant to marry. 07℅ women are wayward. 85 ℅ of men get married and start a family. 13℅ men are reluctant to marry. 02 ℅ The men are misguided.
What is more interesting is that 67℅ men married virgin girls. And 001% women got virgin boys.
We are against divorce so we did this survey. We want to work as a counselor for those who are disappointed with their married life. You can contact us if you want.
Please think again before divorce and see if compromise is possible. The path of righteousness is the right path that Allah ta'ala loves. 12℅ women got divorced again after second marriage. 89% women are unhappy in their second marriage. On the other hand, only 02℅ men are divorced again and 03℅ men are unhappy. What is surprising is that divorced women became wives of the second divorced men. And 93℅ men are extremely happy after marrying a widow. Hope you understand.

  21st June, 2024